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Jaguar’s XJ takes a Portfolio route to executive excellence

In a competitive high-end market sector, the stakes are steep for getting a contender wrong but, as Iain Robertson highlights, adopting an alternative route to market can pay dividends, especially against the might of the ‘Teutonic Threesome’.

Return of the ‘Straight-Six’ will stir great memories for Range Rover

It has been many years since JLR wrangled a petrol inline ‘six’ beneath its top models’ bonnets but, says Iain Robertson, it is a competent job that heralds strong performance, allied to perfect balance and a deliciously purring exhaust note.

Mitsubishi set to reveal comprehensively revised ASX

One of our ‘dark horse’ car brands, explains Iain Robertson, is Mitsubishi, a carmaker revitalised by its inclusion in the Nissan-Renault Alliance, which has allowed it to introduce a series of new models and replacements.

Cupra Ateca has a new name and intent…but that logo….!

In trying to work out what it implies, Iain Robertson remains undecided between a sports clothing firm (Kappa?), or a sinister organisation (Spectre?) that James Bond 007 (other spies are available) wants to shut down; for Seat it means ‘focussed’.

Automotive archetypal excellence is DS3 Crossback’s Gallic signature

Admitting to intense cynicism, when the DS remit was first mooted, Iain Robertson is totally satisfied that the brand’s separation from its former Citroen lineage is continuing apace, with its latest compact and premium crossover model.

VW Passat adopts ‘self-steer’ technology for next generation

One of VeeDub’s most important models, the Passat in its forthcoming 8th iteration, is about to move-on autonomous motoring in a single augmented step, writes Iain Robertson, which will either shock potential customers, or satisfy them totally.

Cheeky new addition to Renault Captur line-up

The prospect of adding sporting luxury, without insisting on a performance penalty, is the most positive step being made by Renault on its ever-popular mini-SUV model, which Iain Robertson believes will boost demand for a charming family car.

Nissan continues to top our charts, with Qashqai and Micra good reasons

Employing the ‘Mars Bar’ principle of enhancing a consumer offering by spicing-up the brand, highlights Iain Robertson, Nissan shrugs off publicised problems by building solid cases for its two UK best-sellers.

ThisWorx introduces in-car vacuum that actually works!

Unless you are prepared to trundle the domestic vacuum-cleaner onto your driveway (if you have one), comments Iain Robertson, or have a sweating, non-English speaking person rifling through the cabin, in-car detritus removal can be tough.

Services personnel know how to buck trends with ‘FCD Cars Top Ten’

Forces Cars Direct (FCD) is in the frontline of providing mobility to our nation’s Armed Forces and its findings have generated a fascinating list of vehicle brand preferences and hard facts, which make some broader statistics look highly questionable.

Uniquely appealing campervan makes affordable debut

A small but effective Scottish specialist in the campervan sector has launched an all-new and compact 4x4 model, reports Iain Robertson, that addresses a paucity of go-anywhere leisure vehicles sold in the UK and, what’s more, it is priced right!

Dunsfold’s famous tarmac bows to blind doctor’s lappery

Having lost his sight six years ago, Dr Amit Patel, an NHS ‘First-Response’ medic, has proved that he still has an instinct for rapid, precise driving, states Iain Robertson, when he powered around the Top Gear test track.

BMW goes the whole hog with new 7-Series hybrid

Hot on the heels of the conventional 7-Series launch, reports Iain Robertson, Germany’s most profitable carmaker adopts PHEV technology for its top-drawer newcomer that is due to hit UK roads from mid-March.

MPV! SsshhMPV!! The lest-we-forget Seat Alhambra

In a world governed by SUVs, Iain Robertson had believed that the MPV was an automotive dodo but reacquaintance with a latest model has renewed his confidence in a motor industry that appears to be led too frequently by the ring in its retail nose.

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