New Renault Captur, the B-segment car for living, adopts the brand’s latest design language with a striking front end.

New Renault Captur available from Q3 2024

Renault Captur is the B-segment “car for living”. It is versatile and multi-talented, both compact on the outside (4.23m) and spacious on the inside, modular to adapt to the uses of modern families, equally at home in the city or off the grid. Its high driving position is appreciated by its owners, allowing easy access to the vehicle and good visibility of the road. All these qualities explain the success of a car that has sold over two million units in 90 countries around the world since its launch ten years ago.

New Renault Captur adopts the new design language initiated by Gilles Vidal, Renault's Head of Design. Playing on light and matter with taut lines and precise detailing, the new language creates a more stylish and dynamic effect. With its new front end, New Captur gains a more premium look.

New Captur will continue to set the standard in urban SUVs. New Captur maintains its versatility, two-tone body colours and generous interior space, along with a range of ingenious high-tech equipment.

Alongside these qualities, which are all part of its DNA, new-generation Captur gains a range of new features. More expressive inside and out, the styling delivers a unique twist of elegance and sporting spirit with the new esprit Alpine trim. The cabin is showcased by new upholstery and new dashboard screens. Depending on the version, the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in provides the very best in on-board technology with Android Automotive 12, a world first in the B segment. The entirely new electronic architecture takes safety to new levels, with a range of latest-generation driving aids.

New Captur will be offered with two engine choices, including the 145 bhp E-Tech full hybrid option. For enhanced driving pleasure and a more dynamic ride, the running gear has been revised and the power steering recalibrated.

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Built at the Valladolid plant, New Renault Captur will be available from Q3 2024.

A more dynamic exterior design - Showcased by the new Ceramic Grey bodywork and esprit Alpine trim, New Captur takes on a more athletic look with premium styling. Featuring a new light signature and two-tone bodywork configurations, New Captur gains even greater appeal.

New front end - The new front end takes on a more elegant, technological look, with the Nouvel'R one-piece logo built into the multi-faceted grille, and a higher, more horizontal bonnet. All these details underline the stronger identity of New Captur.

The upper part of the grille creates a play of light, with its shapes in relief and the contrast between the dark glossy background and the transparent inserts. This sets off multiple reflections across the radiator grille, like a wave rippling out from the diamond in the centre towards the headlights and the bumper, with its tiny embossed parallelograms.

The front end features a horizontal air intake above the aerodynamic splitter, with another in the bumper. Two air inlets positioned on either side of the front end, next to the daytime running lights, contribute to aerodynamics and the cooling of the front brakes.

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New light signature - The new front lights feature full LED technology as standard on all levels of trim. As with New Clio, the LED daytime running lights take on a vertical half-diamond shape, freely inspired by the brand logo. The headlights come to life in a new welcome sequence when the doors are unlocked remotely, creating a friendly, modern effect.

A more contemporary rear end - The rear light housing is now transparent, revealing the structure of the light units inside. Combined with the new logo and redesigned diffuser, this feature gives the rear end a more contemporary look with a higher level of perceived quality.

Three stylish levels of trim - The evolution trim features 17-inch alloy wheels and a matt black finish on the lower body and beltline with long, black front and rear skid plates. The higher techno trim features all-new 18-inch alloy wheels and a High Gloss Black finish on the lower body and beltline. The new esprit Alpine trim is immediately identifiable, with its Ice Black logos, High Gloss Black window surrounds, 19-inch wheels of specific design, aerodynamic splitter and front and rear skid plates with Slate Grey matt finish.

Two-tone bodywork - Six body colours are available: Arctic White, Oyster Grey, Diamond Black, Ceramic Grey, Iron Blue and Flame Red. The two-tone colour scheme, which is optional on techno and standard on esprit Alpine, is popular with customers, who can select Diamond Black for the roof and door mirrors.

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A wide range of new exterior accessories - New Captur can be personalised with a wide range of equipment available on order or through the dealer network, including underbody lighting, sidesteps, towbars, bicycle racks and illuminated door sills.

A richer, more enjoyable interior experience - The more upmarket style of the outside is also visible on the inside. The cabin takes on a more modern look with the OpenR Link multimedia system and a new dashboard screen (up to 10.25 inches). With new upholstery on all trim levels, the car gains a more premium look and feel. Featuring a wealth of standard equipment for a sporty interior ambience, the new esprit Alpine trim is an invitation to take to the road.

Cutting-edge connectivity and multimedia technology with OpenR Link

New Captur features the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in (on techno and esprit Alpine trim levels). It includes the best of onboard technology with Android Automotive 12 – a world first for a B-segment vehicle. In the centre of the main console, the new 10.4-inch vertical touchscreen (960 x 1280 pixels) lets users take full advantage of exclusive interactive content, together with a wide range of services.

OpenR Link makes every journey easier. Simple to use and hyperconnected, it is as intuitive to use as a smartphone. As well as being fully customisable, the interface is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with wireless smartphone connectivity as standard. Google services such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, and over 50 (depending on the country) Google Play apps can be accessed at the touch of a finger, just like on a smartphone.

The inside of a car

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New upholstery and a new esprit Alpine trim

The interior ambience is immediately modern and welcoming, with its all-new upholstery. The grey and heather grey seat fabric on the evolution trim gains yellow top-stitching on techno, with a Renault diamond pattern on the interior side supports of the front seats.

The new esprit Alpine trim features multi-textured grained cover material fabric on the seats and door panels and a blue-grey insert on the dashboard. The cabin also makes many nods to the Alpine brand, a symbol of sporting elegance, with the national flag in the side piping, seatbelts with blue top-stitching, aluminium-plated sports pedals, branded door sills and a special steering wheel.

Exceptional interior space

Passenger knee room at the rear is still among the best on the market, at 221 mm, thanks to a rear bench seat designed to slide back as much as 16 cm, which is an ingenious feature that has become a hallmark of Captur. This allows users to create more space for cargo or passengers as required. The cabin includes a total of 24.7 litres of storage space, including a 7-litre glovebox and, depending on the version, map pockets on the backs of the front seats.

Modular loading space - In terms of boot capacity, New Captur ranks among the best on the market, with maximum volume of 536 litres (VDA) when the rear bench seat is pushed fully forward (a gain of 114 litres VDA). The boot is modular, with a rear bench seat sliding over 16 cm and a removable floor creating a flat space. With the rear seats folded (2/3-1/3 split), the load length is 1.57m.

No leather or chrome - As well as limiting its use of chrome, Renault is replacing leather with grained cover material. This confirms the brand’s aim of completely phasing out animal-derived materials by 2025. In New Captur, all the upholstery includes recycled fabrics selected for their low carbon footprint, without compromising on perceived quality, feel or comfort. The esprit Alpine trim includes over 26% recycled and recyclable fabrics in its upholstery, through the use of bio-sourced materials such as grained cover material and hemp.

New Captur gains new dashboard screens measuring up to 10.25 inches (24x9 cm) diagonally, depending on the version. This size is compatible with the Navigation on techno and esprit Alpine, providing a colour display on the instrument cluster, facing the driver.

For digital in-car entertainment, front passengers have access to two USB-C sockets and a 12V socket, with another in the boot. On techno and esprit Alpine, two further USB-C sockets are available behind the central armrest for rear passengers, while a wireless phone charger in the centre console is standard across the range.

Customisable interior ambience

MULTI-SENSE settings can be accessed using the central touch-screen or a button on the steering wheel. Users can choose between four views for the digital instrument panel, five widgets (interactive apps or thumbnails), eight colours for the speedometer display and 48 colours for the LED ambient lighting strips on the door panels. To create a more relaxing mood, the colour of the lighting is adjusted automatically every 30 minutes based on the circadian cycle (24-hour biological clock) and the time of day (cool colours during the day, warm colours at night).

Exclusive interactive content

Renault is deploying exclusive connected services on New Captur, based primarily on partnerships with developers and content creators. Some of the apps accessible via the OpenR Link multimedia system include: Waze, Amazon Music, Vivaldi, Radio Player for Renault and more.

At the same time, the My Renault smartphone app provides access to a library of content (depending on the country). Users can take advantage of exclusive offers and start downloading apps with the OpenR Link system. With this level of connectivity, users can stay up to date without visiting their garage or dealership. With FOTA (firmware over the air) technology, the operating system receives updates and maintenance becomes predictive.

A choice of efficient powertrains

New Captur is versatile in terms of both its interior design and its use. With its modern, efficient powertrains, it is equally at home in the city, on the motorway or on country roads. The 145 bhp E-Tech full hybrid engine meets the highest standards in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, at just 105 g/km, and is as quiet as an electric car in the city without the charging constraints.

Two efficient powertrain options are available:

1.0 TCE 90 – 90 bhp, 160 Nm of torque, turbo 3-cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Fuel consumption: 5.8 - 5.9 L/100 km*

1.6 E-Tech full hybrid 145 – 145 bhp, 205 Nm of torque, 4-cylinder engine combined with a smart automatic dog clutch gearbox. Fuel consumption: 60.1mpg

* awaiting fully homologated UK data

The E-Tech full hybrid 145 engine in detail

New Captur E-Tech full hybrid 145 gains a full hybrid powertrain with a series-parallel architecture. Two electric motors (a 36 kW e-motor and an 18 kW HSG - High-Voltage Starter Generator) are combined with a 69 kW (94 bhp) 1.6-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine and a 1.2 kWh battery. The smart multi-mode dog clutch gearbox is actually clutchless. It has four gears for the petrol engine and two gears for the main electric motor. Energy efficiency is optimised by the 14 possible operating combinations of the combustion engine and the electric motor.

The new E-SAVE function, which is activated by a button to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard, maintains a battery charge of at least 40%. This ensures optimum performance when driving uphill, for example.

The highly efficient powertrain cuts CO2 emissions compared with the previous generation to just 105 g/km, placing the vehicle on a par with the best-in-class. It also delivers the silence of an electric vehicle, without the charging constraints.

Enhanced running gear and all-new tyres

New Renault Captur features MacPherson suspension at the front and a semi-rigid axle at the rear. For a more dynamic ride, engineers revised the suspension geometry and force-velocity characteristics of the shock absorbers, as well as the calibration of the power steering. The E-Tech full hybrid 145 gains all-new shock absorbers.

All these changes to the running gear deliver greater control over vehicle body movement, for a shorter response time and significantly increased driving pleasure.

The new esprit Alpine trim features special wheels and all-new 19-inch tyres (Michelin 225/45R19), available for the first time on Captur.

Several driving modes with MULTI-SENSE

Accessible via the central display, MULTI-SENSE includes four driving modes: ECO, SPORT, COMFORT and MYSENSE. The driving sensations (steering effort, engine response, agility of the chassis) change for each mode, as do the colours of the interior lighting and dashboard display.

The best in active and passive safety

With the Human First Program launched in 2023, Renault restated its commitment to improving safety for drivers, passengers, and other road users around the world, through a range of technological advances. Taking full advantage of this progress, New Renault Captur is on a par with the best in terms of passive and active safety. It features 18 new-generation driving aids (ADAS), divided into three categories: safety, driving and parking. Safety Coach provides personalised advice for more responsible driving.

Intelligent speed assistance

Traffic sign recognition with overspeed warning (OSP) displays the authorised speed limit on the instrument panel and on the navigation screen. If the vehicle’s speed is higher than the recognised speed, a visual warning is displayed. A button on the steering wheel activates the speed limiter, cruise control or adaptive cruise control to adapt automatically to the legal speed limit depending on following distance.

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