Peugeot announces new hybrid powertrains for its popular 308 and 408 models

New hybrid models for 308 and 408

PEUGEOT has revealed new powertrain options for its popular 308 and 408 models. 308 and 408 models will gain the new HYBRID 136 powertrain, coupled with a new six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox that incorporates an electric motor and 48V battery.


308 and 408 models now feature the new HYBRID 136 e-DSC6 powertrain. The next-generation HYBRID 136 e-DSC6 powertrain combines a 1.2-litre petrol engine with a new six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox incorporating a 21kW (28hp) electric motor and a 0.9kWh 48V Lithium-ion battery to deliver improved efficiency and extra torque at low revs.

The new hybrid powertrain can operate more than 50% of the time in zero-emission all-electric mode during low-speed urban cruising offering improved fuel economy of up to 15% for fewer trips to the pumps, and a reduction in CO2 of up to 22g/km for the 408 and 19g/km for the 308 when compared to the existing PureTech 130 EAT8 engine. Thanks to the CO2 reduction, the hybrid powertrain has a reduced rate of Vehicle Excise Duty and a lower rate of Benefit-in-Kind Tax for company car drivers.

A notable advantage of the new hybrid system is that the 48V Lithium-Ion battery recharges itself while driving with no need to be plugged in. When the battery energy level allows, the system enables the vehicle to be propelled using the electric motor alone. Thanks to class-leading energy efficiency, the 48V battery is quite compact at just 0.9kWh and is neatly installed under the front passenger seat. With the battery positioned up front, the 408 and 308 models retain all their interior space and have no compromise to boot volume.


The introduction of the new HYBRID 136 for 308 and 408 models gives drivers a wider choice of powertrain, whilst also offering more dynamism for an enhanced driving experience. The electric powertrain allows drivers to begin their journeys, make challenging manoeuvres, and travel at low speeds in urban traffic using only the electric mode. When greater progress is needed, the electric motor eagerly provides extra torque to the low-rev petrol engine, while the battery position offers optimal weight distribution.


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