Meet the stars of the Invictus Games!

This year’s Invictus Games - an international multi-sport event for servicemen and women – will take place in Düsseldorf, from the 9th-16th September. The participants, all wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans, will compete at the games.

This year’s Invictus Games - an international multi-sport event for servicemen and women – will take place in Düsseldorf, from the 9th-16th September. The participants, all wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans, will compete at the games, which was founded by Prince Harry in 2014 to celebrate the determination and spirit of military personnel. 

We’re proudly based in Bomber County (read: Lincolnshire) – and while we’re backing all of Team UK, we want to highlight the following six amazing individuals, all of whom are from Lincolnshire. Read their stories below!

Martha Prinsloo, 37, (Army Veteran): Archery, Powerlifting, Swimming

Morgan Dally, 38, (RAF Veteran): Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball

Al Dyer, 54, (RAF Veteran): Archery, Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Table Tennis

Michael Evans, 44, (RAF): Archery, Athletics, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball

Steve Sampher, 46, (Army Veteran): Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Rugby

David Argyle, 50, (RAF Veteran): Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby

Martha Prinsloo

Daisy is a trained and registered psychological therapy dog, who has provided life-changing support with Martha’s CPTSD since 2018. 

Martha Prinsloo, 37, suffered life-changing injuries while serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps in Afghanistan. 

During a mission to construct a bridge in an unchartered territory, an IED explosion struck the convoy she accompanied. Initially unaware of the extent of her injuries, and as the only medic, she prioritised treating others. The next day, it emerged that her body was swelling, and her intestines had stopped working. After weeks of hospitalization, she returned to the UK.

In 2017, she was working as a nursing student when sudden blindness struck both her eyes due to a blast-related neurological disorder. Despite regaining vision in her right eye, the left remained blind. This was accompanied by nerve damage affecting her movement, restricting movement on her left side. 

The trauma also took a toll on her mental well-being during her transition to civilian life – but eventually found adaptive sports to be helpful to her recovery journey, reinstating her belief in pursuing her passions.

She said: “Within a space of six months I lost my eyesight, my career in the Army, and my career as a nurse. I lost my identity, and my CV made me feel like a fraud every time I looked at it because I could no longer do the things I was qualified for. I had no purpose, to the extent of questioning my existence. Through the Battle Back Centre and the RBL, I regained confidence to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there to do adaptive sports.

“It ignited a flame and I rose like a phoenix getting stronger every day. I have gained a family through the RBL and the Invictus games, and I could not be more proud of myself for how far I’ve come, and for being chosen for the Invictus Games 2023.”

Michael Evans

Starting his journey with the Royal Air Force in 1999, Flight Lieutenant Michael Evans has held various roles, including Avionics Technician, Non-Commissioned Aircrew, and Aircraft Engineer. Since 2016, Mike has been safeguarding the skies as a part of the RAF Police, and serves as a Directing Staff member at the esteemed RAF Officer Training Academy at RAF Cranwell.

However, life threw a curveball at Mike in 2021. After struggling with tinnitus, an MRI scan revealed he had a large tumour in his brain. Thankfully, the tumour was successfully removed following a long 15-hour procedure. But despite the surgery, Mike lost his hearing in his right ear. He also has nerve damage which affects his balance and coordination.

Recovering during the covid pandemic, he utilised virtual platforms, embracing martial arts alongside his son, using the discipline to regain his balance and enhance his fitness. He has since won medals in martial arts tournaments: a testament to his resilience!

Morgan Dally

RAF Veteran, Morgan Dally, embodies determination. After three attempts, his unwavering persistence paid off when he was selected to represent Team UK at the 2023 Invictus Games.

“The Invictus Games has brought me out of a really dark place,” said Morgan. “This gives me one more chance to wear my country’s uniform, and I’ll be so proud to represent Team UK.”

Serving the RAF for nearly a decade, things took an unexpected turn in 2012. He sustained a back injury during a PT session, which lead to debilitating injuries and an agonising eight-year struggle with painkiller addiction.

However, integrating sport in his recovery process became Morgan's beacon of hope. He has since launched a career in IT security, and is raising a family.

Stephen Sampher

While serving as a Troop Sergeant in Afghanistan, Steve Sampher was severely injured when his tank was struck by an IED. A bullet to his helmet caused a traumatic brain injury, and the explosion badly injured his leg, subsequently undergoing leg amputation due to complications and infections.

Now 46, the Army veteran is a father of three, with one child serving in the Navy. He is also an enthusiastic wheelchair rugby player and coach, and has applied to the Invictus Games twice before his successful application this year! Steve’s selection for Team UK marks a significant milestone in his recovery journey: “Ten years on from sustaining my injuries in Afghanistan, I still find daily challenges a struggle, especially when it comes to my mental health. I am hoping that by being part of a team and sharing in this journey with the Invictus family will allow me to share in their emotional experience and help me rekindle my emotions.

“I’m looking forward to using sport to help me regain my focus and drive and go beyond mere ‘recovery’ and inspire me to strive not just in competition, but also create awareness that some injuries run deeper than what people see.”

David Argyle

Serving the RAF for two decades, veteran David Argyle climbed the ranks to become a Sergeant and a Weapons Engineering Technician.

However, David was medically discharged following a diagnosis of osteochondritis dissecans and osteoarthritis. The challenges didn't stop there, as David was subsequently diagnosed with depressive disorder and fibromyalgia.

But David didn’t let this hold him back: the 50-year-old from Sleaford channelled his experiences into helping others. He now supports young individuals with learning disabilities and mental health struggles.

He said: “Never in a million years did I think that I’d be able to say how proud and privileged I feel to be representing Team UK at the Invictus Games, it’s all a bit surreal,” he said. “It’s great to be part of a military team again, all with similar goals, which we will support each other to try and achieve. To be able to do all this on this stage is just mind blowing!”

Al Dyer

54-year-old RAF veteran, Al Dyer, has an incredible comeback story. After dedicating 34 years to the RAF, Al faced a monumental challenge when a severe stroke saw him having to learn how to walk, talk and write again, as well as fasten his shoelaces one-handed.

To aid his recovery, he focussed on adaptive sports, including teaching himself to play golf one-handed.

He said: “Being part of Team UK will give me a purpose and a plan to take my recovery to a whole new level. It has given me an opportunity to try sports that I didn't think was possible with my disability and for that I am extremely grateful. I’m looking forward to see where this could potentially take me in 2023.”

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