Elf On The Shelf 2022

Check out what our naughty office elf has been up to lately!

December 1st - Lauren:

Our elf arrived in a mystery box - and proceeded to steal all our tinsel to make himself at home!

December 2nd - Graham:

'Elfon John' has settled in quickly.. and he's bringing Christmas spirit to the office, playing all our favourite Christmas classics. Check out those glasses! 

December 3rd - Zoe

Our office got hijacked! Over the weekend, the milk 'went bad'... and kidnapped our cheeky little Christmas elf!

December 4th - Zoe

Even after we rescued him, he went and got himself stuck in the TV (clearly too excited about England v Senegal!)

December 5th - Helen

Reasons not to leave an elf unattended in the office: bum photocopies!  

December 6th - Zoe

We came into the office to find twelve candy canes hidden all around... but did we find them all?
(You bet we did!) 

December 7th - Jess

Our elf is hard to spot amongst all his new friends! They decided to celebrate Jess' birthday with an Elfie Bears Picnic. Merry Crispmas!

December 8th - Sam

GOOOAAALLLL! Christmas celebrations became football celebrations today - our elf has broken the World Record for Most Goals Scored By An Elf! 

December 9th - Laura

Elf was missing the North Pole - so we brought the North Pole to him! Complete with Northern lights, snowy trees, and oversized fluffy boots... jealous! 

December 10th - Lauren

Turns out our elf knows his way around a computer – and has put himself into all of our meet the team photos.

December 11th - Laura

Elf showed us some of us North Pole magic today – he flew around the office in his tiny sleigh, with the help of his reindeer friends.

December 12th – Christina/Lauren

Poor Audi bear had an accident today.. luckily, Elf is first aid trained (very sensible). He fixed him right up!

December 13th - Amy

A new girlfriend and a new car – a great day for Elf! Looks like they’ve been out doing their Christmas shopping…

December 14th – Lewis/Lauren

Is Elf giving or receiving this snazzy present? Decide for yourself!

December 15th – Sam J

How the Elf stole Christmas (tree decorations)

December 16th – Gemma/Lauren

Elf joined us for our staff meal – so we took an ‘elfie’!

December 17th - Gemma

It’s been a tiring month of pranks and office fun! Seems only fair to have a relaxing spa day...

December 18th – Lauren

Always remember to check your surroundings for.. elves??

December 19th – Gemma

What’s this? A REAL reindeer in the office? Must be getting closer to Christmas with all this festive magic around!

December 20th – Christina

Winter? Not here! Elf has spent a well-earned day off lounging around the pool.

December 21st - Lauren/Christina

Not sure what's happening here.. let's move on...

December 22nd - Lauren

We found Elf writing a Naughty List to take back to Santa! 

December 23rd - Lauren

And just like that, he's gone! No doubt we'll see him again next year for more adventures. Thanks for visiting, Elf!!

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