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#1 supplier to the British military overseas and in the UK.

We specialise in military and diplomatic car sales to those stationed in the UK and overseas, offering tax free military sales, tax paid military sales, tax free diplomatic sales, MoD discounts and special discounts for all those who serve, or who have served in the Armed Forces.

So if you are currently serving in, or retired from, the Army, Marines, Navy, or RAF, are TA/Reservist, a diplomat, or MoD civilian, even if you’re a DDS card holder, looking for a DDS car, we have exclusive discounts and offers for you.

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A message from our Managing Director

Ex-Military Retired

Firstly, welcome to our website, it's great to have you here!

Being ex-military myself, I feel strongly about rewarding our Armed Forces and doing the best that we can for the military community, serving, ex-military and retired.

I really enjoyed my time in the Army with 4 Regt AAC, 669 Sqn, stationed in Detmold, Germany, during which I served in the first Iraq war on Operation Granby, 1990-1991. But as a young 21 year old soldier, I found it difficult to find companies who were in support of our troops, not just in terms of discounts offered, but also willingness to offer a simple service or even understanding of our different, and sometime challenging, needs. So upon leaving the Army, it became my mission to find and offer the best possible deals and service for my military colleagues.

That has long been our ethos at Forces Cars Direct - if you serve, you save. So whether you currently serve, or have served at any time, in any of our Armed Forces, TA/Reserve Forces, MoD civilian, diplomat or DDS card holder, I want you to know that we are here for you, and I am constantly working to improve our offers and service so that you can always be assured of the best.Forces Cars Direct

So please take your time to browse our website. My team and I look forward to serving you.

Steve Thornton, Managing Director